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Always hungry

My name is Nikola Mijandrušić, born 12.05.1988. in Rijeka, I've studied "Informatics in business" and later got master’s degree in marketing. As a kid, I was "wasting" my time fishing ponds around my hometown Pazin, which was the only sea I could reach with my bike. Then, 25 years ago, my father bought a first boat which changed everything. Soon, I was competing on the national level, first just as a diver (Croatian champion) and later as a spearfisherman. In 2005, I've bought my first boat and started to fish only with artificial lures, fishing mostly for Seabass and Leerfish. In short period of time, my commitment was recognized by one of the lure companies and I became a full-time company team member. After that, in the next few years, I've traveled to Sweden where I've tested the lures on Baltic predators, fishing for big Pike and Salmon, jigging for Cod, and spinning for Seatrout. At the same time, my Tuna obsession was growing, so I was using every single chance to fish for a Bluefin. As a "lure man" the wish for catching tuna with spinning rod was strong enough to keep me fishing 20+ days/month no matter conditions and finaly 2015. the results showed up when I hook 17 tuna in one single day. I was lucky enough to fish with one of the best Tuna fishermans in the Adriatic sea, to learn fast and to enter the big game even faster by hooking up on 100+ tuna in one season. Latest news is that I was fishing 3 continents in last 7 months landing close to record or record fish in all three of them, great winter endeed :) (updated: 02.06.2022.)

Biggest fishing achievements:

-11 Bluefin tunas landed in one day

-lake Vättern slam in single day (Arctic Char, Salmon, Trout) with Ulf Johansson

-North Florida backcountry slam in single day (Red fish, Sea Trout, Flounder)

-Hooked on South Florida slam (Tarpon, Bone fish, Snook) lost Tarpon

-multiple 400+ lb tuna in one day

-currently holding a record for biggest dog tooth tuna ever caught in Sudan

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My name is Ulf "Wolfie" Johansson and I'm a professional fishing guide in Sweden but also abroad. I´ve been fishing and hunting my whole life and I'm very passionate about all things around this way of life and have more than one story to tell, some of them even true !
I am also proud to be a pro staff member of Team Raymarine Sweden and Navionics Scandinavia which means that my boats have all the latest and best technology and charts available in the world.
My work as a fishing guide and charter boat captain is to keep my guests in a happy mood and to put them on the fish so they can come home with new memories and lots of own stories to tell.

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