Pazin, Croatia


All About Our Captain



My name is NIkola Mijandrušić, born 12.05.1988. in Rijeka, I studied "Informatics in business" and graduated Marketing. As a kid, I was "wasting" my time fishing ponds around my hometown Pazin, which was the only sea I could reach with my bike. Then, 25 years ago, my father bought a first boat which changed everything. Soon, I was competing on the national level, first just as a diver (Croatian champion) and later as a spearfisherman. In 2005, I bought my first boat and started to fish only with artificial lures, fishing mostly for Seabass and Leerfish. In short time my commitment was recognized by one of the lure companies and I became a full-time company team member. After that, in the next few years, I traveled to Sweden where I tested the lures on Baltic predators, fishing for big Pike and Salmon, jigging for Cod, and spinning for Seatrout. At the same time, my Tuna obsession was growing so I was using every single chance to fish for a Bluefin. As a "lure man" wish for catching tuna with spinning rod was strong enough to keep me fishing 20 days/mont no matter conditions and finaly 2013. results we're showing up when I caught and relased 19 fish in one single month. After that I was lucky enough to fish with one of the best Tuna fishermen in the Adriatic sea, learn fast and enter the big game even faster by catching 270 kg fish.