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Fishing Croatia

eFISHent invites you to spend a day on the waters of Vrsar, Croatia, with Captain Nikola Mijandrušič or with some of our other captains in search of the big fish! As Capt. Nikola says: “It’s about efficient fishing. That’s why we always fish for species that are in high season.”

Hop aboard a 29’ Faeton motor yacht, powered by twin 160 HP Yanmar engines, with a maximum cruising speed of 24 knots. This efficient beauty can accommodate up to 6 anglers and features a Humminbird GPS, Fishfinder, a live well, an icebox, snorkeling and spearfishing equipment, and all safety equipment.

Capt. Nikola has fished these waters for many years, learning the many secrets of Adriatic seasonality. From January through March, you can fish for Conger Eel and from March through mid-May target Bluefin Tuna and Albacore- TUNA SPINING TIME. May to end of June is your best bet for Dentex and Mackerel.

If you're heading here in the summer months, you'll target Tuna. BIG GAME fihing is one of the best adventures that you can have here in Croatia. Mid-August we switching focus to Bluefish, which takes reign until the end of September. In this period, and even until mid-November, big game fish like tuna and fish like Mahi Mahi come closer to shore making for more big game fishing opportunities.

eFISHent provides a variety of top-notch rods, including some that are custom made, reels, a variety of tackle, lures, and live bait. If you're interested in fly fishing, Capt. Nikola has fly fishing equipment, too.

He also includes fishing licenses for everyone on board and provides drinks for refreshments. All you have to bring is a hat, a sunscreen, and some snacks!

Explore the mysterious beauty of the Adriatic with eFISHent!

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Marko Polo
Marko Polo
Jul 19, 2022

The best fishing guide in the world and the surrounding area. 😎

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